JetPeel Facial Treatment

JetPeel technology is an exclusive, world-first, breakthrough approach to transdermal delivery. This treatment completely solves both common and problematic issues in dermatological and aesthetic treatment.

How Does JetPeel Facial Treatment Work? 

The JetPeel device works by generating pressurized gas. This gas is then accelerated, allowing it to manipulate liquid into fine misty jet streams. Applied to the skin’s surface, these jet streams exfoliate the epidermal layer of the skin, while also gently stretching the skin’s surface. The jet streams open up microchannels that provide a direct path into the deeper skin layers. 

These deep microchannels into the skin can allow nutritive micro-droplets to travel below the skin’s surface when used in conjunction with Jet Solutions, which are exclusive formulas designed to treat various skin issues. 

The jet streams created by the JetPeel handpiece travel at speeds over 200m/s. And, while that sounds intense, there is no damage to the skin during this process. It’s also pain and discomfort-free.

Why Choose JetPeel Facial Treatments?

JetPeel is a non-invasive and effective skin treatment. This treatment takes clinical results and patient comfort to new heights, resulting in increased popularity among clients.

The procedure is 100% non-invasive. The JetPeel Infusion Facial uses air pressure to infuse anti-aging ingredients like peptides, retinol, plant-based stem cells, concentrated vitamins and hyaluronic acid 4mm into the skin. This gives your skin an instant benefit.

JetPeel Facials is comparable to microneedling; however, its instant results without downtime, redness, or irritation to the skin sets it apart.

You stand to gain all the benefits you can derive from other treatments such as HydraFacial and Dermal infusion with a JetPeel facial. However, unlike most other chemical exfoliators, the JetPeel is gentle. People with sensitive skin or other skin conditions like rosacea or acne can comfortably undergo the procedure.

What Problems Can JetPeel Facial Treatment Address?

JetPeel Facial treatments are intended to help common concerns of the face. It might be the treatment option for you if you’re looking for a treatment to help:

  • Renewing Aging Skin
  • Tightening, firming, and lift-up effect
  • Lymph drainage and blood circulation improvement
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Shrink Pore Size
  • Improve Skin Tone
  • Breakdown and Minimize
  • Acne Concerns
  • Stimulate Hair Growth

Not what you need? Find a solution for a specific face or body concern of yours.

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