Sun Damage

Facial Sun Damage

Ultraviolet light in daylight damages the fibres in your skin called elastin and collagen. When that happens, it begins to sag and stretch. Too much sun causes some areas of your skin to appear darker, while others look lighter. It can also make permanent changes in small blood vessels, which gives you a reddish look in places.

What Causes Facial Sun Damage? 

As the name implies, facial sun damage is caused by overexposure to the sun. Alongside this overexposure, sun damage is exacerbated when you don’t use proper sunscreen. You want to choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen when going out into the sun’s warm rays. 

How Do I Know If I Have Facial Sun Damage?

Facial sun damage is seen when your skin produces a chemical called melanin. It does this to protect itself from the sun’s harsh rays, but in the case of facial sun damage, it appears as uneven dark spots. These spots can be brown or black.

The Problem With Facial Sun Damage

It’s always fun to be in the sun – but it can come at a cost. Damaging your skin in the sun can lead to a variety of very serious medical problems. Noticeable sun damage itself is not necessarily a sign something is wrong, but it is a sign your skin is being harmed by the sun’s rays. 

We have treatment options to help treat sun-damaged skin; however, it’s also a great reminder to use sunscreens and sunblocks when out and about.

If you’re looking to even out your skin tone and diminish the signs of sun damage, the best treatment would be Icon Max G IPL, as well as skincare creams and good-quality sunscreen.

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